Your Annual Wellness Visit

Each year, as a member of Brown & Toland or Alta Bates medical group you are entitled to a Medicare Annual Wellness Visit with your primary care physician, at no additional cost.

Schedule your Medicare Annual Wellness Visit today:

  • Call your primary care physician (PCP) to schedule your appointment.
  • Or, you may call an Appointment Coordinator at 415.972.4190 (TTY: 711) to help you schedule an appointment.

Your Annual Wellness Visit has no deductible, coinsurance cost or copayments, and includes a health risk assessment, an evaluation of your physical condition and a screening for cognitive impairment, including depression. Forms for the Annual Wellness Visit, in various languages, are located on the right side of this page.  Please complete this form and bring it with you when you have your Annual Wellness visit. 

What will happen during my visit? 
You and your doctor will develop a personalized treatment plan to ensure you are on track for important preventive screenings, annual physical exams, or other treatments you may need for the next 5 to 10 years. The plan helps you take advantage of Medicare’s preventive services, many with no cost-sharing.

New to Medicare? 

If so, you are entitled to the “Welcome to Medicare” visit. 

The main difference is timing. When you are newly enrolled in Medicare, you are eligible for the one-time Welcome to Medicare Visit only within the first year. The Annual Wellness Visit can take place every 12 months, and the first visit can be scheduled either 12 months after the Welcome to Medicare visit or after more than 12 months of your enrollment in Medicare.

What is the difference between the annual physical and Annual Wellness Visit?
The Annual Wellness Visit is not meant to replace your annual physical, which is a more extensive physical examination. An annual physical exam may include clinical tests that are not included in your Annual Wellness Visit, such as checking your vital signs, examining your lungs, head and neck, abdomen, skin, and other labs or tests.

Important: Please take a few minutes to fill out the Annual Wellness Visit form and take it with you to your Annual Wellness Visit. The information on the form assists your doctor in completing an overall review of your health status and history. 

Complete este formulario y llévelo consigo a su Visita de bienestar anual.

請填寫表格 並在年度健康體檢時攜帶此表

Mangyaring kumpletohin ang form na ito at dalhin ito sa iyong Taunang Pagbisitang Pangkalusugan

Заполните данную форму и возьмите ее для Ежегодное посещение велнес-центра