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Distracted Living

For better or worse, today’s preoccupation with new media and technology has changed the way we live and communicate

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Should You Take it Easy with that Grill?

It's heating up outside, and many of us will be enjoying the warm weather and firing up the grill this summer.  Did you know that exposing meat to high temperatures and smoke creates chemicals that are thought to increase your cancer risk? Studies have shown that these chemicals cause many types of cancer in rodents. In human beings, studies have found that people who eat lots of charred foods are at higher risk for colorectal, pancreatic and prostate cancer.

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Warding off Weekend Warrior Syndrome

How often does work and family get in the way of your weekday exercise regimen? Does Monday roll around and you find yourself with more aches and pains, even a new injury? You might be falling victim to weekend warrior syndrome, and no, it is not as cool as it sounds.

What is Weekend Warrior Syndrome?

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Making Health a Habit

Habits – we’ve been building them our whole lives. Some are harmlessly quirky and become part of our distinct personalities. Others are beneficial to others and should always be encouraged. Unfortunately, we also all have bad habits that can be tough to shake.

Bad habits range from the annoying to the downright dangerous. But, as the saying goes, habits are meant to be broken. Making small adjustments in your habitual routines can lead to big improvements in health and wellness. Changing habits for the better can change your life for good.

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Become an Active Member of Your Healthcare Team

Knowledge is power, and this is certainly true when it comes to health. It’s not only healthcare professionals who need to stay in the know. Patients, too, can and should become more proactive about their own care.

The advent of the internet has certainly helped this trend. The healthcare industry itself has also been shifting in ways that support and accommodate patients taking more control of their health.  Studies show that informed, engaged patients actually experience better health outcomes than those who don’t. 

Follow these first steps to patient empowerment:

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Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

The most wonderful time of year is here again. Make your holiday season merry and bright by keeping your mind and body healthy. Here are our favorite tips for doing just that! 

1. Get enough sleep - The extra family, friend and social time during the holidays can take a toll on sleep. Make sure you get enough by scheduling a couple of relaxing days in-between late-night parties where you go to bed early and can sleep in a bit longer.

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Holiday Festivities With Less Stress

Five strategies to reduce stress this holiday season
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Quit It!

Gone are the days when cigarette smoking was portrayed as glamorous and elegant. Thanks to awareness campaigns, higher tobacco taxes and smoking bans in public places, Americans are gradually tamping out the habit.

If you’re interested in becoming a former smoker, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some helpful information that can help you understand, connect and quit – for good.

Get the facts.

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Taking a Stand for Healthy Bones and Joints

Have you stood up today? Raised a cup of coffee to your lips? Walked a few steps? It’s easy to take these kinds of movements for granted, but we humans are incredibly agile creatures. And we’ve got our bones and joints to thank for much of that strength and flexibility.

One way to express our gratitude to these multi-talented body parts is to take good care of them. The first step in maintaining – and even improving – healthy bones and joints is knowing a bit more about them.

The Bones

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Healthy Aging

As you add more candles to your birthday cake, it becomes even more important to take care of yourself – physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially. Here are some recommendations to keep you at your best inside and out throughout your life.

Physical Health

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