Open Enrollment Information for CalPERS Employees

3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Brown & Toland Doctor

CalPERS is not offering Blue Shield Access+ HMO insurance to its employees for 2019 in your area, which means you may not be able to keep your current Brown & Toland doctor, and Brown & Toland's large network of specialists, hospitals, and urgent care facilities. 

To keep your Brown & Toland doctor and all of the services we provide, please select either either UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Alliance HMO, Anthem HMO Traditional, or Anthem HMO Select during Open Enrollment, which runs Sept. 10 to Oct. 5.

Follow these three easy steps to keep your Brown & Toland physician:

Step 1:
Determine from your employer or CalPERS which plans are available to you during open enrollment beginning Sept. 10.

Step 2:
Select either Anthem HMO Traditional, Anthem HMO Select, or UnitedHealthcare SignatureValue Alliance* HMO as your health plan.

Step 3:
Select Brown & Toland as your medical group and your current doctor.


*State/CSU Members Only


Please feel free to call our Customer Service Department or send us an e-mail  if you have any questions.