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If you are enrolled in Medicare Advantage, you are entitled to a free Annual Health Assessment (AHA) once a year.

This assessment will help your Primary Care Physician (PCP) coordinate your care. A nurse practitioner will review your medical history, conduct a health risk assessment, and make an evaluation of your physical condition.

This visit includes planning the preventive services and screenings you may need over the next five to ten years so you can take advantage of Medicare’s preventive services, many of which are free. Complimentary follow up assessments may be necessary pending patient conditions. There is no deductible, coinsurance cost or copayment.

Call an AHA Appointment Coordinator at 415.780.9696 (TTY: 711) to schedule your free Annual Health Assessment* or RSVP for one of our Health Fairs.

* If you do not schedule your free Annual Health Assessment, you will receive a call or a letter from an AHA Appointment Coordinator.