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Brown & Toland Physicians connects you to some of the best hospitals, labs, and community health services in the Bay Area, ensuring the best when and where you need it. When you need hospital care, work with your doctor to determine which hospital best fits your needs. Remember, for life-threatening conditions call 911 or go directly to an emergency room. For non-life-threatening conditions, call your primary care doctor or visit one of our contracted urgent care centers.

Not all health plans cover all services or places to get care. So remember, be sure to check your health plan benefits before receiving care. Your health plan may limit the use of certain hospitals or physicians. Services vary by hospital, and not all services are considered “in-network” at all hospitals. If you have questions about our doctors or the health plans we participate with, call us at 800-225-5637.

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* Access to UCSF Medical Centers requires prior authorization by Brown & Toland Physicians. 

** Medicare Advantage plans exclude all San Francisco CPMC locations.

Blue Shield CalPERS and Trio Members:
Please call Blue Shield Customer Service for information regarding which hospitals and other providers are available to you.

Blue Shield CalPERS:  1-800-334-5847
Blue Shield Trio:  855-747-5800