Choosing Brown & Toland Physicians is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

Step 1:

At open enrollment, choose your benefits and health plan. An HMO plan gives you predictable costs and comprehensive benefits. The primary care physician will coordinate your care. Most HMOs come with low copayments for office visits.

A PPO gives you the option to go to any doctor. You pay less out of pocket when you go to a doctor who is in the health plan’s network.

Step 2:

After you select an HMO plan, choose Brown & Toland as your medical group. If you choose a PPO, you don’t have to select us in advance, but choose your doctor soon so you have a resource when you need care.

Step 3:

Choose your Brown & Toland primary care physician (PCP).

The Brown & Toland network gives you a choice among our many primary care physicians and pediatricians who are accepting new patients.

Use our Find a Doctor search to locate a doctor today.

Find out more about participating health plans: