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Keep Safe on July 4

What would July 4 be without a great fireworks show?

It might be tempting to celebrate with your own fireworks at home, but doing so can be dangerous and is against the law in most Bay Area cities. Additionally, high winds and dry weather are a bad combination and can lead to dangerous and destructive fires. 

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Summer Sun Lifts Your Spirits, but Don't Forget the Sunblock!

Summer is here!  Time at the beach or pool with family and friends always guarantees a good time – but don't forget the sunblock!

Too much sun is, of course, damaging and a main cause of skin cancer. However, without sun, our bodies have hard time producing Vitamin D. Both Vitamin D and sunlight have profoundly positive effects on our bodies.

So what do we do? Like with most things, moderation is the answer. Enjoying the sun safely this summer is a fun way to:

Lift your spirits

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Family Medicine Cabinet

A round-up of suggested items to have on hand to keep you and your children healthy

  • Digital thermometer - Especially important if you have a baby; for infants, a rectal reading is the most accurate.
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Antibiotic ointment for cuts and scrapes - Toss the tube and buy a new one if it touches an infected cut.
  • Scissors - One sharp pair plus a pair of safety manicure scissors.
  • Tweezers for removing ticks and splinters.
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Is Laughter Good Medicine?

Nearly every study on the connection between laughter and health has shown at least some positive results, according to an exhaustive study of the medical literature published in Canadian Family Physician. Laughter is a documented remedy for stress relief, but researchers are also exploring some other unexpected effects. For example, laughter may:
    •    Boost immunity. Some studies have shown that using humor may boost the body’s levels of infection-fighting antibodies and immune cells.

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Go on AlertSF

Sign up online to get San Francisco emergency warnings via wireless text or email 

Did you know that San Francisco residents and visitors can get alerts about city emergencies (tsunami warnings, flooding, citywide disaster info, traffic disruptions) sent automatically to their wireless devices and email accounts? Just go online to register for free at, a program of San Francisco’s Department of Emergency Management. 

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Work a Little, Live a Lot

Research shows that seniors who include a little bit of work in their days are apt to stay healthier

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Distracted Living

For better or worse, today’s preoccupation with new media and technology has changed the way we live and communicate

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Should You Take it Easy with that Grill?

It's heating up outside, and many of us will be enjoying the warm weather and firing up the grill this summer.  Did you know that exposing meat to high temperatures and smoke creates chemicals that are thought to increase your cancer risk? Studies have shown that these chemicals cause many types of cancer in rodents. In human beings, studies have found that people who eat lots of charred foods are at higher risk for colorectal, pancreatic and prostate cancer.

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Warding off Weekend Warrior Syndrome

How often does work and family get in the way of your weekday exercise regimen? Does Monday roll around and you find yourself with more aches and pains, even a new injury? You might be falling victim to weekend warrior syndrome, and no, it is not as cool as it sounds.

What is Weekend Warrior Syndrome?

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