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International Friendship Day, also known as International Friendship Day of Peace, is celebrated each year on July 30. The day is meant to celebrate the vital role that friendship plays in promoting peace around the world. In addition to promoting peace, friendship is also beneficial to our health. Did you know:

  • Maintaining communication with our friends reduces stress.
  • We’re more likely to survive serious illnesses when we have a strong network of friends.
  • The absence of friendship in our lives can leave us feeling lonely and depressed.

Celebrating International Friendship Day

Every day, we cherish the friends in our lives. However, this day devoted to celebrating friendship calls for us to do something extra. Some great ways to celebrate include:

1. Organizing a Virtual Lunch, Dinner or Happy Hour with Friends

Has your life gotten so busy that you haven’t had time to spend with your friends? It’s still possible while practicing social distancing. On this Friendship Day, make a point to share a meal or celebrate happy hour by connecting via Zoom or another video conferencing platform. You’ll be glad you took the time to celebrate with the special friends in your life.

2. Sending a Card or Gift

Whether you have one special friend or a squad of several, send them a token to show them what their friendship means to you. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something meaningful. A greeting card will also do. The thought and sentiment will be appreciated.

3. Participating in a Community Event

In some countries, parades, games and concerts celebrate this day. While these events will be greatly curtailed this year, any community event you can share safely with your friends, like a visit to a farmer’s market (mask included), is a great way to enjoy time together and promote a feeling of community.

4. Planning a Weekend Getaway

Haven’t spent a significant amount of time with your friends lately? When it’s safe to do so, plan a camping trip, beach vacation or even just a shopping trip. Splurge on a nice hotel and a nice dinner or rough it in the woods. No matter what venue you choose, a couple of days together will be good for the soul.

We’ve Got You Covered

Now that you have some ideas about how to commemorate International Friendship Day, which one sounds like the perfect plan for you and your friends? Besides surrounding yourself with amazing friends, there are many other things you can do to promote good health. We at Brown &Toland Physicians are here for you. Check out our blog articles for helpful advice designed to help you get healthy and stay healthy.