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SAN FRANCISCO – Brown & Toland Physicians, a network of independent doctors, honored Ashok Krishna with the Lifestyle Change Award at an American Heart Association’s (AHA) award ceremony at the Capital One 360 Café.

About 17,000 participants at the AHA’s four Bay Area 2015 Heart Walks, voted for a candidate with the healthy lifestyle changes that inspired them most. Krishna received the majority of the votes. Brown & Toland sponsored the 2015 Heart Walk for the 10th consecutive year, and more than 100 employees raised about $11,000 for the AHA at the September 17 San Francisco Heart Walk event. Brown & Toland Physicians sponsored the Lifestyle Change award as a way to recognize individuals who are making small changes in their lifestyle, resulting in a big impact to their health.

“I am honored to be selected,” Krishna said. “This is an important cause. I got lucky and have changed my lifestyle for the better, but I advise people not to wait for a heart attack to understand your genetic predisposition, the impact of diet, exercise, and stress on your well-being”.

About five years ago, Krishna, 60 suffered a serious heart attack. A vegetarian, he was living a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, minimal alcohol, no smoking and no family history of heart disease. After a particularly stressful period, he one day experienced classic symptoms of a heart attack—pressure on the chest, pain down the left arm, profuse sweating, etc. due to blockage caused by a loose blood clot. His teenage son rushed Krishna to the hospital where he needed six defibrillator jolts to jumpstart his heart.

Krishna, an executive at Chevron Corp. who is frequently on international business travel, is now even more conscientious about his eating habits,  and is “religious” about his exercise routine by scheduling gym time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, regardless of where is on the globe, he said.

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