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The most wonderful time of year is here again. Make your holiday season merry and bright by keeping your mind and body healthy. Here are our favorite tips for doing just that! 

1. Get enough sleep – The extra family, friend and social time during the holidays can take a toll on sleep. Make sure you get enough by scheduling a couple of relaxing days in-between late-night parties where you go to bed early and can sleep in a bit longer.

2. Eat more veggies. This year-round tip is especially important as the calendar fills up with holiday parties and special dinners. Enjoy the dishes you love and skip the ones you don’t, while leaving room for veggies on your plate at every meal. Worried about there being a healthy option at a holiday event? Offer to bring a dish and make it nutritious and festive for an instant hit!

3. Skimp on the alcohol. The holidays bubble over with eggnog, punch, champagne and wine. Stay on the healthy side of alcohol consumption by alternating drinks with a glass of water. Also consider volunteering to be the designated driver for the night. Not only will this keep your liver happy, but it will also help keep you safe on late-night roads.

4. Give yourself a time-out. Between seeing friends, relatives and trying to fit in just one more activity, the holidays can be an emotionally draining time. Carve out time to do something just for yourself. Treat yourself to a manicure, hit a couple rounds of golf or take a  nice long walk. This quiet time can help you refocus on family, friends and all the holiday to-dos.

5. Get your flu shot and keep washing hands!  Get your flu shot before the holiday season to combat wintertime bugs. Also make sure to wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water to help keep your holiday season flu-free!

6. Hit the gym. Everyone knows that gym memberships pick up after the first of the year but why not start now? Simple activities like taking a walk to see Christmas lights or a bike ride through your neighborhood are easy ways to stay active — and clear your head at the same time. Invite a friend or family member along and get exercise and social time together! 

Keeping your focus on health can make your holiday even happier. You’ll feel good and have more energy for all the fun. Not to mention, you’ll be set up for continued health success as you move into the New Year!