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An Annual Health Assessment, or AHA, is a comprehensive evaluation that provides valuable insights into your overall health and identifies potential areas of concern.

This free, once-a-year visit helps your doctor review your health needs, guide you toward screening tests, review medications, and identify preventive measures to maximize your wellness. It’s one of the most powerful ways to prevent significant health problems in the future and keep you healthy and happy.

Why should you participate?

Your AHA focuses on preventive care recommended by your primary care provider and empowers you to take charge of your health. It helps you learn about steps you can take to stay healthy and safe. The assessment is typically performed at no cost to you, and may even be able to be done by phone or virtual visit from home. Your doctor will guide you toward screening tests, preventive treatments, and resources designed to help you reach optimal health.

Who should participate in an Annual Health Assessment?

An Annual Health Assessment is recommended for individuals of all ages on a Medicare Advantage health plan who prioritize preventive healthcare. It’s particularly beneficial for those with chronic conditions as it helps manage and monitor their health effectively. It’s also encouraged for individuals reaching middle age or older who may be at higher risk for certain health issues. By participating in an AHA, you gain valuable insights into your current health status and empower yourself to make informed decisions for preventing future problems.

What to expect during your AHA

During your AHA visit, we will review your medical history, discuss various health topics, conduct measurements such as height and weight, calculate body mass index, recommend screenings/tests, identify ways to improve wellness and address advanced care planning or fall prevention measures. (*flu vaccinations during flu season are only available for in-person visits)

The bottom line.

Completing your Annual Health Assessment is a proactive step towards maintaining optimal health. By actively participating in this comprehensive evaluation, you gain valuable insights and empower yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary for a healthy life.

To schedule your AHA, contact your primary care physician‘s office and request an annual health assessment appointment.


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