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Have you ever noticed that stress feels worse when it’s loud or chaotic in your environment?

That’s because the outside reflects the inside. If you’re feeling a little stressed, and then you throw yourself in the midst of something loud and rowdy, your body can’t relax enough to let that stress go, and so you wind up more stressed than ever. Allowing yourself a little quiet time can help calm the body, ease the stress in the mind, and before you know it, you’re feeling peaceful despite the worries of the world.

Giving yourself some silence each day actually gives your brain a chance to rest and recuperate. But it can be hard to find some peace and quiet within the hustle and bustle of the Bay Area. We’re here to help you find your inner Zen at some of the most peaceful spots in the San Francisco, the East Bay and Marin County.

San Francisco

Labyrinths at Grace Cathedral (1101 California St.)

Need some spiritual cleansing? Head to Grace Cathedral and walk their two masterful labyrinths for a serene and peaceful experience that will take you away from city life.

Shakespeare Garden (Martin Luther King Jr. Dr., Golden Gate Park)

Curl up under a tree with a book or just sit and enjoy the bounty of silence this tranquil space has to offer.

Mount Sutro

Sometimes a little bit of nature is all that you need.  Mount Sutro is a hidden gem in the heart of San Francisco.  A couple hours here can most definitely clear your mind.

East Bay

Redwood Regional Park (7867 Redwood Rd., Oakland)

The mystical redwoods have a way of bringing peace and awe.  Roam the trails and drink in the stillness.

Berkeley Rose Garden (1200 Euclid Ave., Berkeley)

Stop and smell the roses in Berkeley’s beautiful Rose Garden.  This noiseless oasis is just what you need.

North Bay

Samuel P. Taylor State Park (8889 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., Lagunitas)

Enjoy the beauty of a rippling creek nestled in the redwoods.  There is nothing but peace, and quiet here.

Steep Ravine Hot Springs (Mt. Tampalpais, Marin County)

Something about soaking in hot water just makes everything better. These nature-made hot springs are just the restful experience you need.  They’re a little bit of a hike to get to so there’s usually no one around.

Green Gulch Zen Center (1601 Shoreline Hwy., Muir Beach)

This Buddhist meditation center is sure to bring you some peace and quiet while also helping you tap into your inner Zen. From gardening classes, to teahouses, to overnight getaways, The Zen Center will calm your mind, body and soul.



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