How to Select Us

Three steps to choosing Brown & Toland

Brown & Toland is the medical group choice for people who live in the Bay Area. 

If you’re enrolling in health coverage for the first time or are considering changing health plans, we encourage you to pick a plan that includes Brown & Toland Physicians so that you can take advantage of our programs and services designed to improve your health. Use our list at the right to find out which health plans work with Brown & Toland Physicians.

Already have a health plan that works with Brown & Toland? You may choose either one as your medical group and one of our primary care physicians (if you have an HMO) at any time by calling your health plan.

Make us your partner for care in just three simple steps.

1.   Choose your benefits and health plan

The benefits plan that fits your life and your budget is the right one for you.  An HMO gives you predictable costs and comprehensive benefits. The primary care physician you select will coordinate all of your care. Most HMOs come with low co-payments for office visits.

A PPO gives you the option to go directly to any doctor. You pay less out-of-pocket when you go to a doctor that is in the health plan’s network.

2.   Choose Brown & Toland Physicians as your medical group

Once you know the benefits and health plan you want, choose Brown & Toland Physicians as your medical group.

You’ll complete this step when you enroll in an HMO. If you choose a PPO, you don’t have to select us in advance but we encourage you to choose your doctor now so you have a resource when you need care.

Find out how to select a medical group.

3.   Choose your Brown & Toland doctor

It's important to have a doctor you're comfortable with and who understands your health goals. The Brown & Toland network give you a choice among our many primary care physicians and pediatricians who are accepting new patients. Use our Find a Doctor search to locate our doctors in your neighborhood. 

Good to know ...

No matter how you get your health insurance - whether you buy direcly or through your employer - we can be your medical group as long as we are part of the network of the health plan that you choose.