Choosing a Medical Group

Quick tips

Medical groups are associations of primary care physicians and specialists created to provide coordinated health care services to consumers. Working together, the doctors in a medical group establish continuity of care to support your individual health care needs.

Brown & Toland Physicians is a medical group.

Choosing a medical group is pretty simple if you have a doctor already or know the one you want because you’ll want the one associated with the doctor. On the other hand, if you’re starting with the medical group choice, these tips can help you find the one that is right for you: 

  • Does the medical group belong to the health plan you’ve enrolled in?
  • Is there a choice of primary care physicians near you?
  • Are there experts who specialize in the areas that you need? 
  • Which hospitals do the doctors in the medical group use?
  • When you call, do you get a prompt answer and a courteous response?
  • Does the group have diagnostic services and tests locally available should you need them? 
  • Is there a system set up for timely coordination of referrals and other medical information between the doctors and specialists?
  • Does the medical group require that their physicians are Board Certified or Board Eligible?
  • Do you prefer to interact online? Then look for a medical group that offers information and services online.