Our ever-evolving health care environment demands that we think differently about how we carry out our work; reimagining new ways to support physicians so you can provide care to more patients, doing it better and at a lower cost.  Through collaboration with physicians throughout the network, we co-created a new framework for enhanced services designed to improve practice operations, reduce physician burnout, create cost savings and increase the quality of care. The seven key areas we are exploring as part of the Network Reimagined effort include:

  • Tighter Brown & Toland Network Connections
    Bringing the vast network of Brown & Toland physicians closer together creates opportunities for enhanced collaboration, and shared resiliency is essential. Based on physician feedback, we have created the Brown & Toland Physicians Marketplace to facilitate better connections and provide access to services and programs that help you manage your practices at reduced costs. This virtual marketplace will serve as a resource for practices, and eventually, an interactive hub for sharing ideas, seeking peer counsel, building stronger partnerships, and providing continuous input to Brown & Toland for future service offering expansion.
  • HR Services, Recruitment & Healthcare Options
    Practices share consistent challenges with all aspects of human resources management including hiring, managing, providing more and less expensive health benefit options, and keeping quality staff and physicians. Brown & Toland is partnering on behalf of practices to assist with better health plan options and deliver more recruiting and HR support, while saving cost to the practice.
  • Clinical Operations Support
    Bringing artificial intelligence and automation technology to clinical practice will help physicians ensure that patient vaccination and screening completion, and associated quality measures increase with minimal intervention. Providing analytical tools to identify and provide informed guidance for faster interventions will also allow physicians to enhance their ability to prevent health issues from escalating and deliver better total care.  Supporting physicians with Brown & Toland specific health services for members.
  • Group Contracting & Purchasing
    By coming together, all can share in the benefits of volume-based rates and lower prices. Brown & Toland has secured a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) relationship that caters to the healthcare and business industries to create substantial savings opportunities on necessary practice expenditures.
  • Practice Growth Support with Professional Services Extension
    Continue providing access to Epic, our best-in-class electronic health records system, and develop a telemedicine platform, and other technology enhancements.
  • Billing, Coding, Reimbursement Management & Support
    The most tedious aspects of managing a practice have the most significant impact on financial health. Brown & Toland’s team of billing, coding, and reimbursement experts will extend support to practices to audit their current processes and provide strategies and guidance to improve accuracy and management. Small changes can have tremendous impacts on both the quality and speed of reimbursements that drive higher revenue.
  • Technology Expansion & Enablement
    Diversified care delivery and electronic health information have become vital aspects of healthcare provision. For many practices, acquiring and utilizing the new technology to offer these services to patients can be daunting. Brown & Toland is providing physician access to its best-in-class electronic health records (EHR) system, telemedicine platform, and other technology expansion efforts to make adoption accessible and help practices quickly adapt and remain competitive.