Q. What is the average of savings with CNECT compared to individual purchasing?
A. Depending on the product, and if CNECT has a contract with that vendor, members may see at least 8 to 10 percent savings – or more. For example, Pitney Bowes savings are up to 25 percent, and the CNECT price for a case of paper is $32.40, compared to the retail price of $66.99. CNECT is an affiliate of Premier, Inc., a national company with more than 3,000 contracts. CNECT maintains a three-year business contract with vendors and discounts are based on a contracted business rate.

Q. If there is no cost to us, how does CNECT make a profit?
A. CNECT has a contract arrangement with the vendors for the service.

Q. Is McKesson Specialty Services contracted with CNECT?
A. Currently, CNECT only contracts with McKesson Medical Supplies. CNECT has an aggregator contract with McKesson, which works with manufacturers for maximum savings.

Q. Are vaccines and IUDs included in discounts?
A. Vaccines are included in the discount. Currently the only IUD contract we have is with LILETTA.

Q. Are we given an account number to use when ordering supplies and order directly thru the vendor with that account number?
A. No account number are needed. CNECT will add your practice to their contract with the vendors you use then you will contact the vendor to order your supplies.

Q. Can we have the list of vendors?
A. With more than 3,000 vendors in CNECT’s network, it would be easier to obtain the vendors you currently purchase from and allow CNECT to reach out to them directly.

Q. Are CNECT prices lower than Costco prices?
A. Yes, depending on the products. Increased GPO participation may bring additional items below Costco prices, as well.

Q. What about shipping costs?
A. Many vendors offer free shipping. McKesson charges only a handling fee on any order less than $100.

Q. How many practices were in the pilot?
A. Nine practices of various sizes participated in the pilot program.