Brown & Toland Physicians invests in a technology platform and suite of electronic tools to help physicians collaborate, access patient information easily, gain deeper insight into patient populations, manage workflows, and communicate with their patients. With the help of these tools, physicians can do what they do best: provide optimal care to their patients. Patients benefit, too — they receive test results faster and can better communicate with their physicians.

Electronic health record

Positive care outcomes depend on collaboration and connectivity among providers. Certified to meet Meaningful Use standards and integrated with our patient portal, the electronic health record portal allows our doctors to share data with other providers and proactively manage patient care, especially for patients who are at risk for or who have certain diseases. They can also manage patient charts, order and view labs, and perform additional services online. Learn More.

Patient portal

Doctors using the electronic health record have the option to give their patients access to our secure patient portal. It’s an efficient way to communicate securely with patients and give them more conveniences — online access to their health data, appointment requests, prescription refills, and more. The patient portal adds to the experience patients have with their doctor, which, in turn, supports strong doctor-patient relationships. Learn More.

A Claims, Authorizations, Referrals, and Eligibility System

Our proprietary Claims, Authorizations, Referrals, and Eligibility System was designed with the needs of physicians in mind. One link is all doctors need to confirm member eligibility, check claim status, submit authorizations, refer to specialists, and more. It results in less time on the phone, less paper to manage, and more convenience.

Clinical results reporting

Clinical integration and patient connectivity are the keys to improving patient care, reducing medical errors, and helping our doctors exceed industry benchmarks. To maximize clinical integration, Brown & Toland also delivers anytime access to clinical results for services performed by our hospitals and laboratory partners. Our secure online reporting integrates and color-codes all the information, so our doctors can provide real-time results at the point of care — for all their patients.