Your Health

Your Health

As Temps Rise, Don't Forget the Sunblock

Ultraviolet (UV) rays -- from the sun and other sources like tanning beds -- are the primary cause of skin cancer, the most common cancer in the United States.  Time at the beach or pool with family and friends always guarantees a good time – but don't forget the sunblock.

Too much sun is, of course, damaging and a main cause of skin cancer. However, without sun, our bodies have hard time producing Vitamin D. Both Vitamin D and sunlight have profoundly positive effects on our bodies.

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Spring into Good Health

Brown & Toland is hosting a series of interactive health fairs for selected Brown & Toland and Alta Bates Medical Group  Medicare Advantage members. Take your Annual Health Assessment (AHA) and learn about community health resources. Enjoy delicious snacks and beverages, win prizes and more!

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Taking Meds Just as your Doctor Orders is Essential

Did you know that 50% of patients fail to take their medications as prescribed by their doctor and that about 20% of the prescriptions doctors write aren’t filled? 

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Annual Health Assessment

If you are enrolled in Medicare Advantage, you are entitled to a free Annual Health Assessment (AHA) once a year.

This assessment will help your Primary Care Physician (PCP) coordinate your care. A nurse practitioner will review your medical history, conduct a health risk assessment, and make an evaluation of your physical condition.  

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Chicken Masala Wrap

A healthy and delicious Indian dish

These low-fat, high-protein wraps are bursting with flavor from fresh veggies and spices. Pair with fresh mango and a cucumber yogurt condiment known as raita


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Have you checked your blood pressure lately?

Less is more, or the lower the better when it comes to blood pressure. Do you know your numbers? Are they in the normal range? Have they changed in the last few months or year?

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Warding off Weekend Warrior Syndrome

How often does work and family get in the way of your weekday exercise regimen? Does Monday roll around and you find yourself with more aches and pains, even a new injury? You might be falling victim to weekend warrior syndrome, and no, it is not as cool as it sounds.

What is Weekend Warrior Syndrome?

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Making Your Choices Known

Let’s be honest, the last thing anybody wants to chat about over dinner is the topic of dying. But the family dining room table is actually an ideal setting to begin such a sensitive conversation. It’s where we’re surrounded by those who know us best, love us most, and will likely be with us to the end. Our loved ones are the people who should have the clearest sense of what we want in our final phase of life.

But how will they know if we don't tell them?

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Don't Let the Rain Stop Your Workout

Don’t let the rain cause a slump in your workout routine. Use these tips to stay on your game when it rains — and perhaps put a new spin on your workout routine. 

Join a gym

While a rather obvious idea, joining a gym (if you haven’t already) is a great way to stay in shape during the winter AND discover some great new workouts. If you are normally a runner, consider picking up a new weight lifting routine to challenge different muscles.

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Winter Rains, and Early Bay Area Spring Bad News for Allergy Sufferers

An early Spring means flowers budding and blooming trees, but if you are one of the millions of people who have seasonal allergies, this also means sneezing, congestion, runny nose and other bothersome symptoms. Seasonal allergies — also called hay fever and allergic rhinitis — can make you miserable. And, because the Bay Area experienced a record amount of rain this past winter, this year's allergy season promises to be a doozy. 

Here are a few tips from the Mayo Clinic on how to reduce your exposure to allergy triggers.

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